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Solynta Finance pays you to fill your vacant positions. We provide you with skilled overseas based professional contractors at a 40% discount compared to the local cost of hire!
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About Us

Solynta Finance is a full service commercial finance company specializing in innovative financing structures for Small and Medium sized enterprises operating in the United States, United Kingdom and the European Union. 

Through collaboration with our high level partners overseas, we provide financing to companies for free, secured by the outsourcing of some of their active and vacant jobs to our HR Consultants who provide them with high quality remote based talent overseas.

Filling your office vacancies just got easier (and WAY more profitable).

Solynta Finance makes it easier, faster, and more efficient for small and medium sized businesses to outsource vacant positions overseas. We provide you with skilled and vetted virtual contractors, including their day to day management at our own cost to guarantee the highest standards of performance and that’s not even the best part:

We pay you an upfront lump sum equal to 10% of the gross annual salary or total contract value, no questions asked  

Benefits of using Solynta Finance

Reduce Staff Related Costs by 20-38%

Get Paid to Outsource Open Positions

No More Recruitment, Training and Management Hassles

Solynta Finance literally puts money in your pocket by filling your vacancies at a significant cost discount. Book a free consultation to discover how today

How it Works

Step 1: Hire Quality Contractors at a 40% discount to local salaries

Via our network of skilled overseas professionals, we fill your vacant positions in Accounting, HR, Admin, Customer Service, IT, Digital Marketing, Sales, and more.

Step 2: Benefit from a 1 Month Trial Period

The 1st month’s salary payment is only due if you are completely satisfied with the quality of the service provided. At the end of the first month, you can cancel the contract at zero cost if you are not fully satisfied

Step 3: Get paid your 10% Bonus

We will pay you a new customer bonus equivalent to 10% of the gross annual salary or total contract value (maximum 12 months) of the position*

Step 4: Reduce your Salary Bill Significantly

Save over 40% per month on your total salary bill and drive significant increases to your bottom line.

How much will I save?

Check out the table below to see how much you can save through outsourcing.

Gross Salary 25,000 50,000 100,000 500,000
Upfront Payment
Salary Savings
Employment Cost Savings
Total Year 1 Saving
Years 2 – 4 Annual Savings

Cumulative 4 Year Savings





Client Feedback

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Success Stories

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